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Commemorative coins

Volume of issue
Nr. Issuing countrySubject of commemorationDate of issueBUProofDetails
CC. 294Austria100 years of the Austrian Republic02.01.201818.150.00010.000
CC. 295SlovakiaThe 25th anniversary of the establishment of the Slovak Republic03.01.2018996.5003.500
CC. 296GermanyBerlin " Charlottenburg Castle " 30.01.201830.282.900299.000
CC. 297GermanyThe 100th birthday anniversary of the great German statesman and Chancellor Helmut Schmidt30.01.201830.267.900304.000
CC. 303SpainSantiago de Compostela07.02.2018290.5009.500
CC. 304SpainThe 50th anniversary of King FELIPE VI07.02.2018390.5009.500
CC. 305EstoniaThe centennial of the independence of Estonia19.02.20181.317.8000
CC. 306FranceLe Bleuet de France " Remembrance cornflower " 19.02.20189.990.00010.000
CC. 307San Marino500th anniversary of the birth of Tintoretto05.04.201860.5002.600
CC. 308Andorra25th anniversary of the Andorran Constitution12.04.201875.0000
CC. 309SloveniaSlovenia World Day of Bees14.05.2018997.2502.750
CC. 310Portugal250 years of the Official Printing Works (‘Imprensa Nacional’)22.05.2018510.00010.000
CC. 311FinlandFinnish national landscape Koli28.05.20181.000.00011.000
CC. 312VaticanEuropean Year of Cultural Heritage — The Laocoön group01.06.201884.00010.000
CC. 313Luxembourg150th Anniversary of the Constitution of Luxembourg13.06.2018312.5003.500
CC. 314BelgiumThe 50th anniversary of May 1968 events in Belgium19.06.2018250.0007.500
CC. 315MonacoFrançois Joseph Bosio25.06.2018016.000
CC. 316FranceSimone Veil26.06.201815.011.00010.000
CC. 317LithuaniaLithuanian Song and Dance celebration26.06.2018500.0000
CC. 318MaltaTemples of Mnajdra20.07.2018335.0000
CC. 319Portugal250 years of the Ajuda Botanical Garden (‘Jardim Botânico da Ajuda’)25.07.2018510.00010.000
CC. 320ItalyThe 70th Anniversary of the Coming into Force of the Italian Constitution13.08.20183.991.0009.000
CC. 321LuxembourgThe 175th anniversary of the death of the Grand Duke Guillaume Ist27.08.2018307.5001.000
CC. 322BelgiumThe 50th anniversary of the ESRO 2B satellite20.09.2018250.0007.500
CC. 323San Marino420th anniversary of the birth of Gian Lorenzo Bernini20.09.201860.5002.600
CC. 324LatviaZemgale26.09.2018519.0000
CC. 325Vatican50th Anniversary of the death of Padre Pio04.10.201884.00010.000
CC. 326FinlandFinnish sauna culture22.10.20181.000.00011.000
CC. 327GreeceKostis Palamas – 75 years in memoriam31.10.2018748.0002.000
CC. 328Greece70 years since the union of the Dodecanese with Greece31.10.2018748.0002.000
CC. 329MaltaCultural Heritage07.11.2018320.0000
CC. 330ItalyThe 60th Anniversary of the establishment of the Italian Ministry of Health19.11.20182.995.0005.000
CC. 331Andorra70 years of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights26.11.201875.0000

CC. 294 . AustriaCC. 295 . SlovakiaCC. 296 . GermanyCC. 297 . GermanyCC. 303 . SpainCC. 304 . Spain
CC. 305 . EstoniaCC. 306 . FranceCC. 307 . San MarinoCC. 308 . AndorraCC. 309 . SloveniaCC. 310 . Portugal
CC. 311 . FinlandCC. 312 . VaticanCC. 313 . LuxembourgCC. 314 . BelgiumCC. 315 . MonacoCC. 316 . France
CC. 317 . LithuaniaCC. 318 . MaltaCC. 319 . PortugalCC. 320 . ItalyCC. 321 . LuxembourgCC. 322 . Belgium
CC. 323 . San MarinoCC. 324 . LatviaCC. 325 . VaticanCC. 326 . FinlandCC. 327 . GreeceCC. 328 . Greece
CC. 329 . MaltaCC. 330 . ItalyCC. 331 . Andorra

"The 100th anniversary of the foundation of the independent Baltic states"

Volume of issue
Nr. Issuing countryDate of issueBUProofDetails
CC. 298Estonia31.01.2018500.0000
CC. 299Latvia31.01.2018512.0000
CC. 300Lithuania31.01.20181.000.0000

CC. 298 . EstoniaCC. 299 . LatviaCC. 300 . Lithuania