2 Euro overview


New or revised circulation coins

Nr. Issuing countryDesignDate of issueDetails
NC. 28EstoniaGeographical image of Estonia01.12.2010

NC. 28 . Estonia

Commemorative coins

Volume of issue
Nr. Issuing countrySubject of commemorationDate of issueBUProofDetails
CC. 89Slovakia20th anniversary of the formation of the Visegrad Group10.01.20111.000.0000
CC. 90Netherlands500th anniversary of ‘Laus Stultitiae’ by Desiderus Erasmus24.01.20113.993.0007.000
CC. 91GermanyNorthrhine-Westphalia " Köln cathedral " 28.01.201130.459.000466.000
CC. 92LuxembourgThe 50th anniversary of the appointment by the Grand-Duchess Charlotte of her son Jean as ‘lieutenant-représentant’02.02.2011725.0004.500
CC. 93SpainPatio de los Leones of the Alhambra, Generalife and Albayzín in Granada21.02.20113.988.20011.800
CC. 94Slovenia100th anniversary of the birth of the national hero Franc Rozman-Stane21.03.2011986.00014.000
CC. 95Italy150th anniversary of the unification of Italy22.04.20119.994.5005.500
CC. 96Belgium100th anniversary of International Women’s Day03.05.20115.006.0007.500
CC. 97GreeceXIII Special Olympics World Games — Athens 201130.05.20111.000.0000
CC. 98San Marino500th anniversary of the birth of the Italian painter Giorgio Vasari04.06.2011130.0000
CC. 99France30th anniversary of the Day of Music21.06.201110.020.00010.000
CC. 100MonacoThe wedding of Prince Albert and Charlene04.07.2011147.8770
CC. 101Portugal500th anniversary of the birth of Fernăo Mendes Pinto08.09.2011512.5007.500
CC. 102Finland200th anniversary of the Bank of Finland17.10.20111.575.00025.000
CC. 103VaticanThe 26th World Youth Day in Madrid18.10.2011115.0000
CC. 104MaltaFirst elected representatives 184928.11.2011425.0005.000

CC. 89 . SlovakiaCC. 90 . NetherlandsCC. 91 . GermanyCC. 92 . LuxembourgCC. 93 . SpainCC. 94 . Slovenia
CC. 95 . ItalyCC. 96 . BelgiumCC. 97 . GreeceCC. 98 . San MarinoCC. 99 . FranceCC. 100 . Monaco
CC. 101 . PortugalCC. 102 . FinlandCC. 103 . VaticanCC. 104 . Malta