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Circulation coins

Nr. DesignDate of issueDetails
NC. 34Coat of arms of Andorra23.12.2014

NC. 34 .

Commemorative coins

Volume of issue
Nr. Subject of commemorationDate of issueBUProofDetails
CC. 23420 years in the Council of Europe29.02.2016100.0005.000
CC. 24725th anniversary of the Signature of the Customs Agreement with the European Union18.07.201685.0000
CC. 24830th anniversary of the Coming of Age and Political Rights to the Men and Women turning 18 years old18.07.201685.0000
CC. 26925th anniversary of the Radio and Television of Andorra01.06.201785.0000
CC. 270150 years of the New Reform 186601.06.201785.0000
CC. 301100 years of the anthem of Andorra07.02.201885.0000
CC. 302Andorra — The Pyrenean country07.02.201885.0000
CC. 30825th anniversary of the Andorran Constitution12.04.201875.0000
CC. 33170 years of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights26.11.201875.0000
CC. 336Ski World Cup Finals 201911.03.201960.0000
CC. ---600 Years of the Consell de la Terra---.---.201960.0000*
*provisional count

CC. 234 . CC. 247 . CC. 248 . CC. 269 . CC. 270 . CC. 301 .
CC. 302 . CC. 308 . CC. 331 . CC. 336 . CC. --- .