2 Euro overview


New or revised circulation coins

Nr. Issuing countryDesignDate of issueDetails
NC. 36San MarinoThe Saint Marino01.01.2017
NC. 37VaticanThe coat of arms of Pope Francis I.02.03.2017

NC. 36 . San MarinoNC. 37 . Vatican

Commemorative coins

Volume of issue
Nr. Issuing countrySubject of commemorationDate of issueBUProofDetails
CC. 262SlovakiaThe 550th anniversary of the University Istropolitana04.01.2017998.5001.500
CC. 263SloveniaThe 10th anniversary of the euro in Slovenia02.02.20171.006.5003.500
CC. 264GermanyRhineland-Palatinate " Porta Nigra in Trier " 03.02.201730.301.000312.000
CC. 265SpainChurches of the Kingdom of Asturias06.02.2017488.98011.020
CC. 266FranceCentenary of Auguste Rodin21.02.201710.010.00010.000
CC. 267San Marino750th anniversary of the birth of Giotto30.03.201770.5002.600
CC. 268Belgium200th anniversary of the University of Liège21.04.2017195.0005.000
CC. 271FinlandIndependent Finland 100 years01.06.20172.489.00011.000
CC. 272Vatican1950th anniversary of the martyrdom of Saint Peter and Saint Paul01.06.201788.00010.000
CC. 273Italy400th Anniversary of the completion of the Basilica of San Marco in Venice21.06.20171.489.00011.000
CC. 274LuxembourgThe 50th anniversary of the voluntariness of the Luxembourg army21.06.2017312.5003.500
CC. 275EstoniaEstonia's Independence26.06.20171.500.0000
CC. 276MaltaMaltese prehistoric temples of Ħaġar Qim27.06.2017405.0000
CC. 277Greece60 years in memoriam of Nikos Kazantzakis13.07.2017748.5001.500
CC. 278Portugal150 Years of Public Security13.07.2017510.00010.000
CC. 279LithuaniaVilnius31.08.20171.000.0000
CC. 280San MarinoInternational Year of Sustainable Tourism for Development31.08.201770.5002.600
CC. 281France25th anniversary of the pink ribbon, symbol of the fight against breast cancer25.09.201710.010.50010.000
CC. 282Belgium200th anniversary of the Ghent University29.09.2017220.0005.000
CC. 283VaticanCentenary of the Fatima apparitions05.10.201788.00010.000
CC. 284GreeceArchaeological site of Philippi17.10.2017748.5001.500
CC. 285FinlandThe Finnish nature21.10.2017489.00011.000
CC. 286CyprusPaphos 2017 – European Capital of Culture03.11.2017488.0005.000
CC. 287MaltaSolidarity and peace13.11.2017380.0000
CC. 288MonacoCarabiniers du Prince (‘Carabiniers’ of the Prince)13.11.2017015.000
CC. 289LatviaKurzeme14.11.2017537.0000
CC. 290LatviaLatgale14.11.2017537.0000
CC. 291ItalyBimillenary of the death of Titus Livius20.11.20171.493.0007.000
CC. 292Portugal150 years of the birth of writer Raul Brandão21.11.2017510.00010.000
CC. 293LuxembourgThe 200th anniversary of the Grand Duke Guillaume III20.12.2017307.5003.500
CC. 301Andorra100 years of the anthem of Andorra07.02.201885.0000
CC. 302AndorraAndorra — The Pyrenean country07.02.201885.0000

CC. 262 . SlovakiaCC. 263 . SloveniaCC. 264 . GermanyCC. 265 . SpainCC. 266 . FranceCC. 267 . San Marino
CC. 268 . BelgiumCC. 271 . FinlandCC. 272 . VaticanCC. 273 . ItalyCC. 274 . LuxembourgCC. 275 . Estonia
CC. 276 . MaltaCC. 277 . GreeceCC. 278 . PortugalCC. 279 . LithuaniaCC. 280 . San MarinoCC. 281 . France
CC. 282 . BelgiumCC. 283 . VaticanCC. 284 . GreeceCC. 285 . FinlandCC. 286 . CyprusCC. 287 . Malta
CC. 288 . MonacoCC. 289 . LatviaCC. 290 . LatviaCC. 291 . ItalyCC. 292 . PortugalCC. 293 . Luxembourg
CC. 301 . AndorraCC. 302 . Andorra