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Commemorative coin

The 50th anniversary of the ESRO 2B satellite

Official Journal of the European Union

The design shows the ESRO 2B satellite, the first successful satellite of the European Space Research Organization and launched in May 1968, circling around planet Earth. The ESRO 2B, also renamed as ‘IRIS’ (International Radiation Investigation Satellite) once in orbit, was concentrated on solar X-rays, cosmic radiation and Earth’s radiation belts. The mintmark of Utrecht (the Mercury’s wand) is located on the bottom together with the Belgian mint master mark, the coat of arms of the municipality Herzele, the country code BE and the initials LL referring to the designer of the coin, Mr Luc Luycx. The coin’s outer ring depicts the 12 stars of the European flag.

© European Union, 1998-2019, Official Journal of the European Union, 2018/C 401/06

Edge lettering

« 2 ★ ★ » repeated six times, alternately upright and inverted


Luc Luycx

Volume of issue

De Koninklijke Nederlandse Munt ( Utrecht ) Ingrid van Herzele
Coincard BU20.09.2018Official coincard «dutch»125.00010,00
Coincard BU20.09.2018Official coincard «french»125.00010,00
Box Proof20.09.2018In box7.50029,95