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Circulation coin

Geographical image of Estonia

Official Journal of the European Union

The design features at the centre a geographical image of Estonia. At the bottom, the word ‘Eesti’, which means ‘Estonia’. On the top, the year. The coin’s outer ring depicts the 12 stars of the European flag.

© European Union, 1998-2019, Official Journal of the European Union, 2010/C 309/04

Edge lettering

« EESTI » repeated two times upright and inverted.


Lembit Lõhmus

Volume of issue

Suomen Rahapaja ( Vantaa )
Circulation coins 01.12.2010Starterkit (600.000 ex.) 2x 2€, 4x 1€, 5x 50ct, 6x 20ct, 6x 10ct, 6x 5ct, 6x 2ct, 7x 1ct1.200.00012,79
Circulation coins 01.01.2011Rolls of 25 coins9.800.0002,00
Divisional coin set BU24.01.2011Annual coin set50.00015,00
Divisional coin set Proof01.11.2011Annual coin set3.50098,00
Suomen Rahapaja ( Vantaa )
Divisional coin set BU22.08.2016Annual coin set, «Eesti taasiseseisvumise»20.00025,00
Lietuvos Monetų Kalykla ( Vilnius )
Divisional coin set BU19.02.2018Annual coin set «eesti vabariigi 100 sünnipäev» also contains 2€ CC «The centennial of the independence of Estonia» and 2€ CC «The 100th anniversary of the foundation of the independent Baltic states»5.00020,00