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Grand-ducal Dynasty

Volume of issue
Nr.Subject of commemorationBUProofDetails
CC. 3Monogram of Grand-Duke Henri26.07.20042.497.8004.000
CC. 750th anniversary of the G-D Henri, 5th anniversary of his accession to the throne and 100 years of the death of the G-D Adolphe15.01.20052.770.0004.000
CC. 1525th birthday of the heir to the throne, The Grand-Duke Guillaume11.01.20061.045.0004.500
CC. 23The Grand-Ducal Palace02.02.20071.026.0005.000
CC. 42The Grand-Duke Henri and the official residence ‘Château de Berg’26.01.20081.037.5004.500
CC. 66The Grand-Duke Henri and the Grand-Duchess Charlotte15.01.2009832.5005.000
CC. 78Coat of Arms of the Grand Duke02.02.2010525.0004.500
CC. 92The 50th anniversary of the appointment by the Grand-Duchess Charlotte of her son Jean as ‘lieutenant-représentant’02.02.2011725.0004.500
CC. 117The Grand-Duke Henri and the Grand-Duke Guillaume IV03.02.2012717.5005.000
CC. 135The wedding of the Heir Grand-Duke Guillaume with the Countess Stéphanie de Lannoy24.01.2013510.0002.000
CC. 155The National Anthem of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg07.11.2013717.5004.500
CC. 159175th anniversary of the independence of the Grand-Duchy of Luxembourg06.02.2014517.5004.500
CC. 178The 50th anniversary of the accession to the throne of Grand-Duke Jean06.11.2014510.0004.500
CC. 193The 15th anniversary of the accession to the throne of H.R.H. the Grand Duke11.06.2015513.5004.000
CC. 205125th anniversary of the House of Nassau-Weilburg15.10.2015507.5004.000
CC. 242The 50th anniversary of the bridge ‘Grand Duchess Charlotte’12.05.2016513.5004.000
CC. 274The 50th anniversary of the voluntariness of the Luxembourg army21.06.2017312.5003.500
CC. 293The 200th anniversary of the Grand Duke Guillaume III20.12.2017307.5003.500
CC. 313150th Anniversary of the Constitution of Luxembourg13.06.2018312.5003.500
CC. 321The 175th anniversary of the death of the Grand Duke Guillaume Ist27.08.2018307.5001.000
CC. 345The 100th anniversary of the accession to the throne of Grand Duchess Charlotte27.06.2019505.0001.000*
CC. ---200 years from the birth of Prince Henry---.---.202000*
CC. ---75th anniversary of the signature of the Charter of the United Nations---.---.202000*
*provisional count

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