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UNESCO's World Natural and Cultural Heritage Sites

Volume of issue
Nr.Subject of commemorationBUProofDetails
CC. 79The historical centre of Córdoba03.03.20103.987.00013.000
CC. 93Patio de los Leones of the Alhambra, Generalife and Albayzín in Granada21.02.20113.988.20011.800
CC. 119The Burgos Cathedral06.02.20123.987.70012.300
CC. 140San Lorenzo del Escorial Monastery01.03.20133.988.70011.300
CC. 161Park Güell and the Works of Antoni Gaudí17.03.20143.973.00027.000
CC. 187Cave of Altamira02.02.20154.188.30011.700
CC. 235Segovia29.02.20163.388.96011.040
CC. 265Churches of the Kingdom of Asturias06.02.2017488.98011.020
CC. 303Santiago de Compostela07.02.2018290.5009.500
CC. 334The old town of Avila and its churches outside the walls20.02.2019991.0009.000*
CC. ---Mudejar Architecture of Aragon01.02.20204.000.0000*
*provisional count

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