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Circulation coins

Nr. DesignDate of issueDetails
NC. 15His Holiness Pope John Paul II01.03.2002
NC. 16Sede Vacante MMV30.06.2005
NC. 23His Holiness Pope Benedict XVI03.04.2008
NC. 32His Holiness Pope Francis I.03.03.2014
NC. 37The coat of arms of Pope Francis I.02.03.2017

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Commemorative coins

Volume of issue
Nr. Subject of commemorationDate of issueBUProofDetails
CC. 675th anniversary of the founding of the Vatican City State15.12.200485.0000
CC. 1420th World Youth Day in Cologne06.12.2005100.0000
CC. 215th centenary of the Swiss Pontifical Guard09.11.2006100.0000
CC. 3780th anniversary of the Pope Benedictus XVI16.04.2007100.0000
CC. 50The Year of Saint Paul16.11.2008106.0840
CC. 72International Year of Astronomy10.09.2009106.0840
CC. 86The Year for Priests12.10.2010111.0000
CC. 103The 26th World Youth Day in Madrid18.10.2011115.0000
CC. 133The Seventh World Families’ Meeting in Milan16.10.2012103.0000
CC. 143Sede Vacante MMXIII03.06.2013125.0000
CC. 15228th World Youth Day in Rio de Janeiro15.10.2013115.0000
CC. 17525th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall14.10.2014103.0000
CC. 203The VIII World Meeting of Families06.10.2015102.00012.000
CC. 245200th anniversary of the Gendarmerie Corps of Vatican City State02.06.201688.00010.000
CC. 256The Holy Year of Mercy13.10.201688.00010.000
CC. 2721950th anniversary of the martyrdom of Saint Peter and Saint Paul01.06.201788.00010.000
CC. 283Centenary of the Fatima apparitions05.10.201788.00010.000
CC. 312European Year of Cultural Heritage — The Laocoön group01.06.201884.00010.000
CC. 32550th Anniversary of the death of Padre Pio04.10.201884.00010.000
CC. 33990th anniversary of the foundation of the Vatican City State07.05.201974.00010.000
CC. ---25th Anniversary of the Restoration of the Sistine Chapel01.10.201974.00010.000*
*provisional count

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