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Circulation coins

Nr. DesignDate of issueDetails
NC. 2Prince Rainier III14.12.2001
NC. 26Prince Albert II01.01.2009

NC. 2 . NC. 26 .

Commemorative coins

Volume of issue
Nr. Subject of commemorationDate of issueBUProofDetails
CC. 3925th anniversary of the death of Princess Grace01.07.200720.0010
CC. 100The wedding of Prince Albert and Charlene04.07.2011147.8770
CC. 128500th anniversary of the foundation of Monaco's Sovereignty, by founder Lucien 1er Grimaldi01.07.2012100.00010.000
CC. 144The 20th anniversary of the ONU joining17.06.20131.239.13110.000
CC. 213800th anniversary of the construction of the first Castle on the rock14.11.2015010.000
CC. 244The 150th anniversary of the foundation of Monte Carlo by Charles III01.06.2016015.000
CC. 288Carabiniers du Prince (‘Carabiniers’ of the Prince)13.11.2017015.000
CC. 315François Joseph Bosio25.06.2018016.000
CC. ---The 200th anniversary of the accession to the throne of Prince Honoré V---.---.2019015.000*
*provisional count

CC. 39 . CC. 100 . CC. 128 . CC. 144 . CC. 213 . CC. 244 .
CC. 288 . CC. 315 . CC. --- .