2 Euro overview


New or revised circulation coins

Nr. Issuing countryDesignDate of issueDetails
NC. 29LatviaLatvian folk-maid10.12.2013
NC. 30NetherlandsKing Willem-Alexander01.01.2014
NC. 31BelgiumKing Philippe04.02.2014
NC. 32VaticanHis Holiness Pope Francis I.03.03.2014
NC. 34AndorraCoat of arms of Andorra23.12.2014

NC. 29 . LatviaNC. 30 . NetherlandsNC. 31 . BelgiumNC. 32 . VaticanNC. 34 . Andorra

Commemorative coins

Volume of issue
Nr. Issuing countrySubject of commemorationDate of issueBUProofDetails
CC. 158SlovakiaThe 10th anniversary of the accession of the Slovak Republic to the European Union04.01.20141.000.0000
CC. 159Luxembourg175th anniversary of the independence of the Grand-Duchy of Luxembourg06.02.2014517.5004.500
CC. 160GermanyLower Saxony " St. Mary's Cathedral and St. Michael's Church at Hildesheim " 07.02.201430.405.000392.000
CC. 161SpainPark Güell and the Works of Antoni Gaudí17.03.20143.973.00027.000
CC. 162Portugal40th anniversary of the 25th April Revolution23.04.2014515.00010.000
CC. 163Belgium100th anniversary of the start of the first World War12.05.20141.744.0006.000
CC. 164NetherlandsThe official farewell to the former Queen Beatrix22.05.20144.984.00016.000
CC. 165France70th anniversary of the Normandy landings of 6 June 1944 " D-day " 06.06.20143.010.00010.000
CC. 166FinlandThe 100th Anniversary of the birth of author and artist Tove Jansson16.06.20141.489.00011.000
CC. 167San Marino500th anniversary of the death of Bramante Lazzari delle Penne di San Marino23.06.2014110.0004.000
CC. 168ItalyThe 200th Anniversary of the foundation of Arma dei Carabinieri27.06.20146.495.0005.000
CC. 169Malta200 years of Malta Police Force16.07.2014300.0000
CC. 170LatviaRiga — European Capital of Culture 201412.08.20141.005.0000
CC. 171Belgium150 years of the Belgian Red Cross18.09.2014275.00012.500
CC. 172Greece400 years since the death of Domenikos Theotokopoulos (El Greek)(1614-2014)24.09.2014750.0002.500
CC. 173Greece150th anniversary of the union of the Ionian Islands with Greece (1864-2014)24.09.2014750.0002.500
CC. 174San Marino90th anniversary of the death of Giacomo Puccini29.09.2014100.0000
CC. 175Vatican25th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall14.10.2014103.0000
CC. 176MaltaMalta Independence 196429.10.2014425.0007.500
CC. 177PortugalThe International Year of Family Farming31.10.2014515.00010.000
CC. 178LuxembourgThe 50th anniversary of the accession to the throne of Grand-Duke Jean06.11.2014510.0004.500
CC. 179Finland100th Anniversary of the birth of designer and interior designer Ilmari Tapiovaara10.11.2014989.00011.000
CC. 180SloveniaThe 600th anniversary of the crowning of Barbara Celjska17.11.2014993.5006.500
CC. 181Italy450th anniversary of the birth of Galileo Galilei21.11.20146.496.0004.000
CC. 182FranceThe fight against AIDS by way of World AIDS Day24.11.20143.010.00010.000
CC. 183SpainChange of the Head of State15.12.20148.090.00010.000
CC. 234Andorra20 years in the Council of Europe29.02.2016100.0005.000

CC. 158 . SlovakiaCC. 159 . LuxembourgCC. 160 . GermanyCC. 161 . SpainCC. 162 . PortugalCC. 163 . Belgium
CC. 164 . NetherlandsCC. 165 . FranceCC. 166 . FinlandCC. 167 . San MarinoCC. 168 . ItalyCC. 169 . Malta
CC. 170 . LatviaCC. 171 . BelgiumCC. 172 . GreeceCC. 173 . GreeceCC. 174 . San MarinoCC. 175 . Vatican
CC. 176 . MaltaCC. 177 . PortugalCC. 178 . LuxembourgCC. 179 . FinlandCC. 180 . SloveniaCC. 181 . Italy
CC. 182 . FranceCC. 183 . SpainCC. 234 . Andorra