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Commemorative coin

30th anniversary of the Coming of Age and Political Rights to the Men and Women turning 18 years old

Official Journal of the European Union

The design shows a partial reproduction of a young person casting a vote. The ballot that the figure is holding reproduces the inscription ‘ANDORRA’. To the left of the figure there are the years that are being commemorated ‘1985’ and ‘2015’ (the latter is the year of issue of the coin as well). A shorter inscription of the commemoration surrounds the whole design ‘30è ANIVERSARI MAJORIA D’EDAT ALS 18 ANYS’ (30th anniversary Coming of Age at 18 years old). The coin’s outer ring depicts the 12 stars of the European flag.

© European Union, 1998-2019, Official Journal of the European Union, 2015/C 380/05

Edge lettering

« 2 ★ ★ » repeated six times, alternately upright and inverted


Orietta Rossi

Volume of issue

Monnaie de Paris ( Pessac ) Yves Sampo
Coincard BU18.07.2016Official coincard85.00012,50