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Commemorative coin


The 30th anniversary of the EU flag

(Part of the joint issue " The 30th anniversary of the EU flag ")

Official Journal of the European Union

To celebrate thirty years of the EU flag, euro-area Finance Ministers decided that euro-area Member States would strike a 2-euro commemorative coin using a common design on the national side. Euro-area citizens and residents have selected by public web-voting the winning design. Voters had a choice of five designs, which had been pre-selected by a professional jury following a design competition among European Mints, and they choose the design created by Mr Georgios Stamatopoulos, professional designer at the Bank of Greece. The designs shows the EU flag as a symbol that unites people and cultures with shared visions and ideals for a better common future. Twelve stars that morph into human figures are embracing the birth of a new Europe. At the top right, in semi-circle, are the issuing country HELLENIC REPUBLIC in Greek and the years ‘1985-2015’. In between the flag and the years is the mint mark. At the bottom right are the initials of the artist (Georgios Stamatopoulos). The coin’s outer ring depicts the 12 stars of the European flag.

© European Union, 1998-2019, Official Journal of the European Union, 2015/C 257/04

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George Stamatopoulos

Volume of issue

National Mint ( Halandri (Athen) )
Circulation coins 23.12.2015Rolls of 25 coins741.0002,00
Coincard BU30.12.2015Official coincard7.5005,00
Box Proof30.12.2015In box1.50016,00