2 Euro overview


New or revised circulation coins

Nr. Issuing countryDesignDate of issueDetails
VA-N-2VaticanSede Vacante MMV


Commemorative coins

Volume of issue
Nr. Issuing countrySubject of commemorationDate of issueBUProofDetails
AT-C-2005-1Austria50th anniversary of the Austrian State Treaty6.980.00020.000
BE-C-2005-1BelgiumBelgium-Luxembourg Economic Union6.020.0003.000
ES-C-2005-1Spain400 years of Don Quixote of La Mancha’7.997.0003.000
FI-C-2005-1Finland60th anniversary of the United Nations and 50th anniversary of Finland's membership of the UN2.000.0000
IT-C-2005-1Italy1st anniversary of the signing of the European Constitution18.000.0000
LU-C-2005-1Luxembourg50th anniversary of the G-D Henri, 5th anniversary of his accession to the throne and 100 years of the death of the G-D Adolphe2.770.0004.000
SM-C-2005-1San MarinoWorld Year of Physics130.0000
VA-C-2005-1Vatican20th World Youth Day in Cologne100.0000